Our L2 support handles escalated issues that L1 support is not equipped to handle. Our L2 support is offered by technicians who are more experienced and can handle more complex issues, like network support or software troubleshooting issues... this is generally reserved for desktop, laptop, and other user device support, and includes break/fix, configuration issues, troubleshooting, software installations, hardware repair (including in-house repair or coordinating services). 

If a given issue is one our L2 techs have not seen before, the technicians may be able to find a solution or workaround in a database, and are then authorized to research and implement fixes for issues. If not, our L2 technicians can sometimes attempt to research and implement a solution on their own, and are authorized to research and implement fixes for new issues. Our L2 techs may also share work with L3, or choose to escalate the issue to L3, if it is out of their skill set or ability to solve.